Funding For Adventurous Activities

Berkshire Scouts is determined to increase the provision of exciting and worthwhile activities for all our young people.  Therefore, as the cost of the training for adults wanting to lead adventurous activities can be high, we have a grants scheme to help with the cost of the training.

We are now considering applications three times a year to help us ensure not only that the money that we have is spent where it is most needed and does most good but also a sensible distribution across activities and that we have trained people all across the county.

The scheme now covers all adventurous activities, including archery and shooting, together with first aid for adventurous activities.
Read on for further details including how to apply.

Next closing date

Everyone who would like financial support to attend a training course or an assessment in the remainder of 2017 should send their application to the County Administrator by the 3rd of April 2017 so that we can consider all the applications together and announce the grants we are giving in April.  Please remember to apply before you go on the course

We anticipate holding a further round at the end of June.

Activities & training covered by this scheme

      Priority Activities

              1)  Hillwalking
              2)  Climbing
              3)  Canoeing & kayaking

      Other Adventurous Activities

               We will consider applications for training to lead any other adventurous activity providing you can show you have the facilities, support etc.
               to run them.
               See also separate section below for Shooting, Archery, Rafting and First Aid for Adventurous Activities

What will this scheme pay for?

Successful applicants can normally expect to receive 1/2 the cost of the cheapest reasonably easily available training & assessment including any registration fee.   In the event of applications exceeding the money available, this may have to be reduced.  If so priority will be given to applications for climbing, hillwalking and canoeing & kayaking.

What is not covered by the scheme?

1) Courses which you have already attended before you apply.  (Provided you apply before you attend the course, it doesn't matter if  the course is before our next closing date)

2) Training covered by The Scout Association adult training programme, including Nights Away and First Response courses. These are already provided free at the point of delivery in Berkshire.
3) Training in the basic skills for an activity, such as the BCU 1 & 2 Star awards in Paddlesport, or training for your personal hobbies. You must commit to gaining a permit and to running the activities you are being trained in for young people in Scouting for 2 years.
4) Cancellation fees, lost deposits etc. if you fail to attend or complete a course.
5) Training not required to gain a permit or recognised equivalent qualification leading to a permit.
6) Practice sessions to help build up experience.
7) Travel costs. 

How do I apply?

Download and complete the application form and e-mail it to the County Administrator, Karen Thurlow, at by the 3rd of April 2017.  You should list all the courses you need to complete to gain a permit but you only need to specify provisional dates and venues at this stage.  You will be asked to update the details nearer the time you do each one.

Please note that you must provide information about your relevant experience, how you plan to make good use of your qualification in Scouting and sign the form.
If you apply for a grant for an activity other than those in the priority list, you will need to explain briefly how the activity will be provided and why it will be good value for Berkshire Scouting.

We expect to inform you whether you have been successful and what you have been awarded in December.

When will I receive any grant?

You will receive payment for each approved course you do once you have provided evidence of payment and of successful completion.

Shooting, Archery, Rafting & First Aid for Adventurous Activities

We will be running County courses for archery, shooting and rafting (traditional).  Instead of being given a grant, you will only be charged half the full fee providing you commit to running these activities for young people in Scouting for 2 years.  Consequently you needn't apply for a grant if you want to come on one of these courses

The cost of the County run Rescue/Remote Emergency Care Level 2 and Outdoor Pursuits 16 Hour First Aid Courses are also subsidised for permit holders.  Instead of a grant they are only charged half the standard fee.
Those who are unable to attend the County run courses may apply for a grant as for adventurous activities.  However, any grant will be limited to the lesser of half the cost of the County course or half the cost of the course attended.


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