Upcoming Activity Training

Hillwalking Training Programme

As well as continuing to run our usual weekends for all those interested in developing their hillwalking skills, ideally with the objective of being able to take young people on the hills themselves, in 2018 we are planning to run a training weekend for those wanting to lead hillwalking in winter conditions (snow, ice and generally below freezing) and a hillwalking weekend for Explorer Scouts.  While many of the weekends will be in mountainous areas such as Snowdonia, the Brecon Beacons and and the Pennines, many of the necessary skills can be practised elsewhere so some of the weekends will be more local areas such as the the the Chilterns.  While the intention is for a progressive series of weekends culminating in assessment for a hillwalking permit, each weekend will be tailored to the needs of those on it.
The programme for up to the end of 2018 is:

Hillwalking training & assessment weekends & courses


     Hllwalking/Climbing Weekend                      28-30 September           Peak District
     Supervision Workshop                                  Q1/Q2                           Local                                        Evening Workshop
     Ropework Workshop                                     Q2/Q3                           Local                                        Evening Workshop
     Night Nav Workshop                                     March & Nov                  Local                                        Evening Workshop

Events specially for Young People

     Explorer Weekend                                        19-21 October                Peak District  

For further information or to book please contact the Activities Team - Hillwalking.


Climbing Training

The County Climbing ASU has arranged a series of training sessions & courses for those who want to develop their climbing skills or obtain an activities permit for running top rope climbing and abseiling. For more information, visit the County Climbing Unit

Archery & Shooting training

The Archery & Shooting ASU runs courses for those who want to be able to run shooting or permits to run archery. The next courses are:

     Archery Permit Course                                  29/30 September  2018         Bears Rails Campsite, Old Windsor

This is a 2 full day course at Bears Rails Campsite, Windsor for those seeking an Archery permit.  The cost of the course is £60, for those applying for a county training grant the subsidised rate of £30 will apply.  Those who apply for a grant will automatically become a member of the ASU and should commit to running the activity for young people in Scouting.

Book your place on the course via the County Training Diary or contact Ed Cecil for more information.

Rowing, pulling & sculling training

This year our assessors will be running a course for those who want to run pulling. The next courses is:

     Pulling Permit Course                                     28-29 April 2018                   Maidenhead


D of E Expedition Assessor training

Unless you are accredited by the D of E you are no longer able to assess a D of E expedition at any level. To become accredited you need to have completed an approved training course, assessed an expedition under supervision and been registered.
In addition to the courses listed on the D of E website, Scout HQ has a programme of D of E approved Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme Courses.  Details and information on how to apply are to be found on the D of E subsection of the Member Services section of Scouts.org.uk.  There is a list of local accredited assessors who can help you with the supported assessment on page 12 of the County Directory.

First Aid Training for Adventurous Activities

An accredited trainer to delivers the Outdoor Pursuits 16 hour First Aid training course for us at well below the usual commercial rates; we are charging £ 30 for permit holders and those who have a County grant for adventurous Activity training leading to a permit, and £ 60 for everyone else.

As well as meeting the Scout Assn's requirements for a higher level for first aid than First Response for certain adventurous activities, the qualification is accepted by the the national governing bodies for hillwalking & climbing, paddle-sports and sailing as meeting their mandatory requirements for their leader & coaching qualifications.

Next Course:     The next course is over the weekend of the 15/16 December 2018.  To apply please go to the County Diary and click on the course.
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