Adult Training in Berkshire 

Adult volunteers in Berkshire are supported by a comprehensive modular training programme which is tailored to suit individual needs.

You can book courses from the online Training Diary here.

Alternatively, you can search for and book a specific Module here.

You can download the new 2018 - 2019 Harmonised Learning Information, Contacts & Dates Leaflet here.

You can Download the HL1 Validation book here.

You can Download the HL2 Validation book here.

You can Download the new 2018 Harmonised Learning 3 Residential Information, Contacts and Dates Leaflets here v1.pdf

A new Leader begins by attending Modules 1 and 3 known as Induction, they will then go on to complete a Personal Learning Plan which will identify which further modules from 4 to 19 that they need to complete. New Managers complete Modules 1 and 4 (Getting Started) and then identify which modules from 5 to 10 and 20 to 26. Further details on the scheme can by found in the Adult Personal File.

There are a variety of ways in which to complete modules, from E-Learning & workbooks, to the popular training courses, meeting up with other adults from different groups and sections. To respond to the popularity of courses and the diverse nature of our adults across the county, we have developed 2 different programmes of courses. Separate modules during single days & evenings, or alternatively, participate in our Harmonized Learning Programme of weekend courses.

There are five key parts to what the Training Team provide to all adults in Berkshire:

  1. Induction
  2. Wood Badge Training
  3. Training Adviser Support
  4. Quality Assurance
  5. Ongoing Learning and Reviews

County Funding for Adult Training

Since April 2006, Adult Training at the point of delivery will be funded centrally across Berkshire. Central funding will cover: 
  • All general modular training, provided by the County Training Team for adults in Scouting from ‘Getting Started’ to Wood Badge.
  • First Response, original and 3 year renewal. (note 1)
  • Assistance for Activities training. (note 2)
  • Ongoing learning as part of the support to Adult Leaders.
  • Specific training for LTMs and other training providers, including Training Advisers.
  • Berkshire-wide Administrator Training & Workshops.
  • ‘Out of Berkshire’ training but with prior approval of the County Training Manager
  • It does not cover Young Leader (Explorer Scout) Training; This is part of the Explorer Scout Programme. It will also not cover travelling expenses, adult volunteers should expect to be able to reclaim these within their local Unit, Group, District or Support Team.


  1. First Response courses will be provided as part of the Berkshire-wide Training Programme. However, if Districts/Groups have a sufficient number of leaders (minimum 8) requiring First Response Training, a course can be arranged locally via the County Office.  The County will provide a Trainer and training resources, and the District/Group will be responsible for providing a suitable venue and managing participants.
  2. Training and Accreditation/Assessment to allow leaders to supervise adventurous activities (e.g. MLTB) is very costly for individuals. In recognition that benefits from such training accrue to individuals, Groups, Districts and the young people across Berkshire, 1/3 of the cost will be paid from the Central Fund and the balance by local arrangements through consultation with the persons Group and District. Prior to booking a course the candidate would need to complete an application form which would require the approval of both the District’s ADC Activities (or DC if no such appointment) and the ACC Activities. This approval is not simply to evaluate the suitability of the candidate but also for the ADC and ACC to control their expenditure against budget.
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