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Welcome to the County Executive Committee (CEC) page


The County Executive Committee exists to support the County Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities
of their appointment
POR Rule 5.16(f).

CEC Meetings for 2016-17 will take place on Tuesdays (19.45 at Sindlesham Court unless otherwise notified):
13 September 2016; 8 November; 10 January 2017; 14 March; and 9 May.

The 2017 AGM (at which members are elected and nominated to the CEC) will take place on Thursday 6 July
(subject to venue - details to follow).

A 'call for Papers' is made 3 weeks prior to a CEC Meeting. Papers and agenda items must be submitted at least
1 week before the Meeting via the County Administrator. Papers will be available in the 'CEC Collect Box'
(see panel to the right) 1 week before the Meeting.

For general enquires for the CEC please contact the County Chair & Vice-Chair.

We maintain a page of information, advice and guidance on finding external funding to support Scouting. This was started by an intern working with us during summer 2015 and has been added to as we learn of others' experiences. If you've got suggestions, please get in touch with the County Chair & Vice Chair.

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County Annual Report and Financial Statements 2015-16

The Berkshire County Scout Council 2015-16 Annual Report and Financil Statements can be downloaded here

County Annual Review 2015-16

For the Berkshire County Scout Council Annual Review for 2015-16 click here.

CEC membership 2016-17

Following the County AGM held 6 July 2016 at Sindlesham Court
we say farewell and thanks to outgoing members of the CEC and
welcome our new members.

We thank John English, Mark Ballard, Alan Beavis, Elliot Berg, Frank Cannon, and James Foster for significant service during their term of
office with the CEC.

Newly elected/nominated members to the CEC are:
Jan Large, Group Treasurer, 3rd Newbury (Kennet District);
Pete Smith, Chair Maidenhead District; Deputy Youth Commissioner (tba); and County Youth Forum representative (tba).

Nigel Bevan (County Commissioner); Mark Foster (County Chair);
tba (Deputy Youth Commissioner); and Peter Drew (County Youth Commissioner & County National Youth Representative) will represent Berkshire Scouts on the Council of The Scout Association.


The CEC supporting Scouting in Berkshire

The CEC manages a busy agenda to support Scouting in Berkshire and current business includes: finance and budgets; funding Scouting and its projects (eg: paid staff; Online Support Manager; partly funding specialist activity training; etc); health and safety matters; growth and development (including the employment of a part-time and full-time Local Development Officer); marketing and communications; supporting events (eg: Uganda 2015;  WINGS; and the Jamboree Units); County Support Services (including the employment of a part-time County Administrator); as well as fulfilling other Trustee obligations.

The CEC is supported by a County Finance sub-committee (FSC) as well as a Trustee Support team. The CEC is also in the process of setting up a 'Risk Management' group. Ad hoc groups are also set up to cover specific business such as data protection, large events, etc. 

Approved Minutes of CEC Meetings can be downloaded by members of Berkshire Scouts from the link in the right panel. Non-members of Berkshire Scouts can apply for copies of CEC Minutes, and Annual Reports, by contacting the Chair & Vice-Chair.

County Support Services

Berkshire Scouts employ a part-time County Administrator (Karen Thurlow) via Berkshire Scout Enterprises Ltd (BSEL) to provide services to support adult volunteers in delivering Scouting. Support services are provided through tasks agreed by the CEC. Current tasks include: CEC administration and County Appointments; Safeguarding and DBS records (including Safeguarding Awareness Training); maintaining the County Directory; insurances and asset register; Adult Training, First Response and DofE Award administration; County Activity Permit scheme; Visits Abroad pack; some event administration; supporting the FSC with bookkeeping, and much more!

Berkshire County Scout Office
Sindlesham Court
Mole Road, Sindlesham
Wokingham RG41 5EA

Telephone 0118 978 8292


The CEC manages two funds that are available to support Scouting in Berkshire.

Roger King International Fund

The Roger King International Fund is to facilitate participation in international Scouting experiences outside of the UK for individuals who, for financial reasons, might otherwise be excluded from this important aspect of Scouting. Any member of Berkshire Scouts is eligible to apply.

For further information please contact Bruce Clark, ACC (International).

Michael Nightingale Community Fund

The purpose of the Michael Nightingale Community Fund is to encourage links by members of Berkshire Scouting to reach out to, and work with, the local community that they serve. The fund is available for use as 'pump priming' to get projects started. The themes must remain community-focused, however it could be 'getting old and young people together', while of course these themes remain able to be interpreted in a variety of creative ways.

An information sheet can be download here and further information is available from Melissa Green.

Funding Scouting in Berkshire

Scouting in Berkshire is actively and successfully delivered to 9,244 young people by more than 2,200 adult volunteers (census at January 2016). However, there are young people still waiting to join and many others that could benefit from Scouting. The CEC is continually looking for funding streams to help deliver even more Scouting to even more young people across the whole County. Please make contact with the Chair & Vice-Chair if you have thoughts or contacts to support the funding of Scouting in Berkshire.

CEC Members 2016-17

Chair  Mark Foster
Vice-Chair  Mick Stocks

Ex-officio members:
County Commissioner  
Nigel Bevan
County Treasurer  Mark Taylor
County Youth Commissioner  Peter Drew

Elected members:
Andrew Flisher; Erica Hunter;
Robin Kent; Jan Large;
Geoff Mitchell; Steve Richards

Nominated members:
Pete Jeffreys; James Mulligan;
Pete Smith; Mick Stocks; and
County Youth Forum representative (tba)

Co-opted member:
Deputy CYC
 Rachel Stout
Safety Coordinator  Ian May   

Minutes Secretary  Helen Price

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