Duke Of Edinburgh's Award

The Scheme in Berkshire

Registration for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme (D of E) can be made with the Berkshire Scouts D of E Support Team. The D of E Support Team  provides registration, support and advice for Explorer Scouts and Scout Network Members  who wish to work towards the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Normally the first line advice and support is available through  Explorer Scout Leaders and Scout Network Leaders.  


Explorer Scouts (14 years and above), members of Scout Network and Adult Leaders aged 18-25 may register for the Duke of Edinburgh Award through Berkshire Scouts.

There are three levels (see below for details) and the cost of registration from 1 January 2017 is:
Bronze  £24.00
Silver    £24.00
Gold     £31.00 
The registration form can be downloaded here (PDF) and here (Word Document)  Please post the form and the monies to the address provided on the form.

A one off payment for each level of the Award covers registration, enrolment onto the e DofE system, Welcome Pack, badge and certificate on completion of the Award and all postage costs.  The Welcome Pack will be issued to the person taking part in the Award Scheme and confirmation sent to their Explorer Scout Leader or County Scout Network Leader.

Progress through the Award will be managed and monitored throught e DofE - the interactive online system which allows young people to upload evidence and information on their activities whilst Leaders can check progress and offer support.

On completion of the Award, the Berkshire Scouts D of E Support Team is notified and who will then arange for assessment and issue of badges and certificates.

Training and Support for Leaders 

It is recommended that leaders introducing the D of E programme undertake some training.  The D of E Supervisors course and the online courses are recommended. More information on the training opportunities for D of E leaders and volunteers can be found here and on the D of E Training Zone

The Scout Association has produced a number of factsheets designed to helps leaders who are supporting young people through their D of E programmes.

The Adventure Begins
D of E Leader Support Pack
D of E Expedition Checklist 

Expedition Assessor training

For now on anyone who assesses a D of E expedition at any level must be accredited by the D of E. For this you need to have completed an approved training course, assessed and expedition under supervision and been registered.  Scout HQ has now published its initial programme of accredited assessor courses.   For further details click here 

Expedition and Hillwalking planning guide

Here is a guide for leaders, to help train young people and prepare them for Hill Walking expeditions to qualify for Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards.

Expedition planning guide 
D of E Expedition Information Pack 
Risk Assessment Form

Expedition Notification

For Bronze and Silver expeditions, an Expedition Notification form must be completed and returned to the County Office; 2 weeks before a practice and 6 weeks before a final expedition.  On receipt an Expedition number will be issued to each group.

For Gold expeditions a copy of the Green Form should be sent to the County Office.  


Information on the support of the award scheme through Berkshire Scouts may be obtained via this form, telephone  0118 978 8292 ( 24 hour answerphone ). The 24 hour answerphone facility  is also available for those without Internet access to obtain registration forms. 

Before e-mailing or using the answerphone please be sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) list maintained by the Berkshire Scouts D of E Support Team. 

D of E merchandise and support material is available direct from the national D of E organisation. Details of merchandise, support material and costs can be found on the D of E website  www.theaward.org  

Please note that Award booklets are not available via the National D of E Award Site. 

The Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is available at Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels. Each level involves volunteering, skills, physical recreation and an expedition. In addition the Gold Award involves a residential project.
Bronze award - minimum age on entry - 14, minimum age for completion 14.5.  This requires components such as volunteering which involve at least three months volunteering for example helping with a Beaver Colony or Cub Pack.
Silver award - minimum age on entry - 15, minimum age for completion 16 (15.5 if a Bronze Award Holder).  This requires at least six months volunteering.
Gold award - minimum age on entry - 16, minimum age for completion 17.5 (17 if a Silver Award Holder).  This requires at least twelve months volunteering and a residential project. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for the frequently asked questions about the D of E award and the Berkshire Support Team.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I register an Explorer Scout for the D of E Award?
A Obtain a copy of the Berkshire Scouts D of E Registration form. complete the details obtain the signatures of a parent or guardian and the Unit Leader and post with the appropriate monies to the address on the registration form.
Q I am an ESL - can I hold a number of registration books in stock in my unit? 
A No - each  Explorer Scout needs to be individually registered for the Award.
Q I am a 13 year old Scout, can I register for the D of E Award?
A The minimum age of entry to the D of E Scheme is 14. The D of E award is part of the programme  of the Explorer Scout Section.  Ask your Troop Leader for details of the local Explorer Scout Units - may be you can start to join in some of their activities.
Q Do I have to wait until I am 16 before I can start the Gold Award?
A The answer is yes but if you have already gained the Silver Award you need to do slightly less in terms of the overall time - your local adviser can provide the details.
Q I am a 15 year old Young Leader, can I register for the D of E Award? 
A As a Young Leader you are also an Explorer Scout and D of E is part of the Explorer Scout Programme. The answer is therefore yes and your work as a Young Leader and the training you complete for that role is likely to be valuable to you in working towards a D of E Award.
Q I have just completed my Bronze Award, will someone from the D of E Support Team be presenting it to me? 
A With the exception of the Gold Award which is presented at events organised by the D of E scheme itself  you can make your own local arrangements for receiving your Award. Why not discuss this with your Leader?  The County D of E Support Team can, if you wish, help arrange for a member of the County Programme Team to be involved in presenting you with your Award.
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