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Project Africa and its Global Awareness Programme (GAP) is a Berkshire Scouts international
community development programme to help our young people understand the lives of their peers
in an African country and to provide some support . . . young people supporting young people!

Global Awareness Programme
(GAP) resources (see panel below) are available to support all
Section programmes. Simply use the search and filter boxes to select a wide variety of available
resources and programme ideas.

New resources are being added, so keep coming back to this web page! Click on the New Resources
button for the most recently added programme ideas and resources.

If you have any comments, queries, or suggestions, please contact the Project Africa team.

Project Africa Challenge Badge

The Project Africa Challenge Badge, supported by the Global Awareness Prorgamme  (GAP)
resources, has been successful in engaging Scouts from across Berkshire. The resources have
provided programmes to help young people get to know and experience what it is like to
be a young person in East Africa . . . and in Uganda in particular.

Just under 3,000 Challenge Badges have been issued across the County!


Scouts in Berkshire continue to use the programme and to also raise funds for Project Africa
. . . young people helping young people!

For further information and any queries please contact the Project Africa team.

Global Awareness Programme – resources panel . . .

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Physical Games
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  Group Size: Individual
Up to 6
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Over 20
Location: Indoors

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