Badges and Awards 

World is an important part of the Scout programme. Through this zone our members can:

  • Gain a sense of inclusion within the worldwide family of Scouting
  • Increase their awareness of the wider natural and man-made world
  • Respond positively to international issues.

Each section has International and Global badges and awards. You can also extend the number of badges available by taking part in special ones offered by partnership organasations. They often have ready made programme ideas and can even send a speaker to help you run the evening!  


Scout UK programme badges


Global Issues Activity badge

International Activity Badge

My World Challenge Award



Global Issues Activity badge

Global activity pack

International Activity Badge

 Resource pack


World Faiths Activity badge


International Activity Badge

World Faiths Activity badge


World Challenge Award


Global Issues Activity badge

International Activity Badge

Platinum Award
Chief Scout's Diamond Award Queen's Scout Award
Explorer Belt

Scouts of the World Award
For Queen Scout, Explorer Belt and Scouts of the World Awards, members
need to register before starting the required activities. Forms available on the links
below each award.

International partners, events and activities badges

You can gain uniform or blanket/collection badges by including the events below in your programme or taking part in the challenge badges offered by the partners. Most have sectional resources all ready to use to achieve them. Go and have a look!

The Ocean    Soils    Water

International Camp Participants badges
(in the UK or Abroad)

Scouts Against Malaria



Where to find activities:

Scout UK Programme Online

Berkshire Scouts GAP resources

WaterAid (Million Hands resources)



Resource of the month:

With the referendum coming up, understanding Europe is a must whatever the outcome!

Have a look at the free resources available on the European Union website! 

  • Personal passport with activity stickers
  • Maps for your hut
  • Story books
  • Language books and interactive games
All free and delivered to you!
Something to add to your  programme this autumn.

Theme ideas:

International Evening Fact Sheet


World Disaster:  Fact Sheet    Activities

Links to World Events for 2016/17

Roverway 2016

World Scout Moot 2017

Road to Rio-Team GB 

Travel Agencies for Scout groups



PJL group holidays

Venture Abroad

Visits Abroad Pack

Thinking of going abroad?  Request your Visits Abroad pack full of information, tips and essential forms to fill in to ensure you have the best experience ever. 

Visit Abroad Pack

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