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This page introduces Project Africa, the Challenge Badge, and tells the story of the first visit to Uganda (Uganda 2011). More details about the project, including the story of the latest school projects in Uganda (Uganda 2015) can be found by using the related links above.

Project Africa . . . the project . . .

Project Africa is a long-term international community development programme. Berkshire Scouts
are supporting schools, teachers, and local communities to help secure a good education for local
children from poor rural communities in Africa . . . young people supporting young people.

Berkshire Scouts in Uganda in the summer 2015 . . . see Uganda 2015 for their story

The Project Africa programme started in 2010 with Scout Sections (of all ages) from Berkshire
using programme resources to learn about their peers in an African country. Click on the Global Awareness Programme link to see the resources. The programme also includes the
popular Project Africa Challenge Badge.

Project Africa continues to support the Bukeka, Kavule (for the deaf), Butagaya, and Iwololo
schools. In addition to building projects and other material support, the project supports teacher
wages as well as some individual school children. Total funding for the projects to date is in excess
of £85,000 and just under 160 Berkshire Scouts have worked at schools in Uganda.

See Uganda 2015 for the latest work in Uganda . . . but the story starts here . . .

Uganda 2011 . . .

Additional funding transferred to the Bukeka Children's Centre was used to complete

the buildings (constructed to roof level by Berkshire Scouts during their visit in 2011). The

final stage of construction work (Autumn 2012) included external rendering to all buildings.

1 & 2  Main building - chicken houses x2 and store (left); kitchen/diner (right)

During their project time at Bukeka, the Berkshire Scouts purchased a goat (Chewie)

and a pig (Spyder). Latest news is that Chewie has two kids (Munchie & Crunchie).

The original pig was stolen from the school but has now been replaced with Spyder 2!

3  Chewie with Munchie & Crunchie  /  4  Spyder 2

Scouts from across Berkshire used the Challenge Badge programme and other

fundraising methods to raise funds to construct buildings at both project schools and to

purchase chickens for Bukeka. 1,000 chickens were purchased in two batches and both

batches are now egg laying hens. The eggs are used to feed the school children and

also sold at local market to raise funds for the school.

5  First batch of chickens arrive at Bukeka  /  6  Both batches of chickens (1,000 total)

                                                                      are now egg laying hens

Uganda 2011 . . .

90 Berkshire Scouts and Leaders completed the first phase of a successful international

community project in Uganda after spending 3- or 6-weeks working at two very special
schools during the summer of 2011. The Scouts also took part in a wide range of
activities and visits to help get to know the ‘Pearl of Africa’.

7  Scouts at the LTCC (Entebbe)  /  8  Scouts with schoolchildren and staff at Kavule

“The three most amazing weeks of my life, and probably the hardest work I've ever done.
I’d like to thank the guys who organised this trip and made it possible. I think we all did
a good job and I would also like to thank my group for making it such an enjoyable time.
. . . says a young participant!

All 11 groups (average of 6 Scouts plus a group Leader) spent their first day in Uganda
at the Lweza Training & Conference Centre (LTCC) – located between Entebbe and
Kampala. This was an opportunity to rest and be briefed before moving to the first
of three bases.

Kavule School for the Deaf (near Mbale) . . .

9  Deaf schoolchildren at Kavule  /  10  Painting the exterior of a classroom at Kavule

Berkshire Scouts had undertaken some basic training in signing (sign language for the
deaf) as well as trying to understand the challenges of being profoundly deaf . . .
an important aspect of working closely with the schoolchildren at Kavule. 

11  Delivery of a water tank to Kavule  / 12  Water tank in place to collect rainwater
13  Building a new staff washroom  /  14  New building alongside the original washroom

Work at Kavule included painting the interior and exterior of buildings; building a much
needed staff washroom with private rooms for male and female staff; and expanding
a rainwater harvesting scheme.

Berkshire Scouts also took the opportunity to spend time playing games and sports with
the schoolchildren.

Activities at Jinja and Mount Elgon National Park . . .

15  Activities with Uganda Scouts  /  16  Horse riding on the banks of the Nile
17  White water rafting on the Nile  /  18  Trekking in Mount Elgon National Park

Berkshire Scouts took a well-deserved break from project work to enjoy activities in
and around the Buwenda Scout Centre at Jinja. Activities included white water rafting
on the River Nile; horse riding; a forest walk; and visits to the source of the Nile;
local markets; workshops; villages; schools; and local Scout Groups. Many Scouts also
enjoyed a 5-day trek in the Mount Elgon National Park (spanning the borders of Uganda
& Kenya).

Bukeka Children's Centre (near Mityana) . . .

19  The welcome from schoolchildren at Bukeka  /  20  Digging foundations
21 & 22  Moving tons of soil using hand tools only

Bukeka was the base for the main construction work carried out by Berkshire Scouts in
Uganda. Construction included a large multi-purpose building (chicken coop; classroom;
and store); a school kitchen and dining area; as well as a new toilet block. The chicken
coop will enable the school to benefit from a sustainable project whereby eggs will be
used for food at the school and also sold at local markets to create an income stream
for the school.

23  Multi-purpose building (background) & kitchen  /  24  Building in progress
25  Manual handling roof trusses  /  26  Buildings near completion

At the end of week 6 the multi-purpose building was finished to being partly roofed
and the other buildings were complete to roof level. The local builders that worked
with Berkshire Scouts remained on site (funded by Project Africa) to complete all the
project work.

27 & 28  The completion of the multi-purpose building
29  Toilet block  /  30  Berkshire Scouts . . . part of the local community

Purchase of building materials and hire of builders to work with the Scouts were sourced
from local villages and trading posts to help support the local communities. This also
helped the Scouts to integrate with the local communities.

Project Africa Challenge Badge

The Project Africa Challenge Badge, supported by the Global Awareness Prorgamme (GAP)
resources, has been successful in engaging Scouts from across Berkshire. The resources have
provided programmes to help young people get to know and experience what it is like to
be a young person in East Africa . . . and in Uganda in particular.


Scouts in Berkshire continue to use the programme and to also raise funds for Project Africa
. . . young people helping young people.

Visit the Fundraising page for ideas and other information [click here].

Thank you for your continuing support.

For further information and any queries please contact the Project Africa team.

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