Training QA

Each year, the Training Team take a sample of evidence from those who have recently completed their Wood Badge. This is done through taking a random sample of module evidence from different people and is used to plan future training courses, inform Training Adviser support sessions and to be a useful process. 

From July 2014...

This year we reviewed Module 17 (Running Safe Activities) plus one other for all leaders, and Module 22 (Section Support) for managers and supporters. 

From Module 17, we found that sections across the County run some fantastic activities. Far from being the same repetitive evenings, many section teams are trying new things, giving young people fantastic opportunities to develop and importantly the adults are also having a great time too! We could see this was simply from the term's programme and where appropriate the relevant risk assessment or notification form. We were pleased not to be flooded with lots of paperwork - our volunteers' time should be spent delivering great programmes rather than creating mountains of paperwork!

We could also see from section programmes that many sections plan carefully to involve the whole team so that everyone is actively involved in providing activities - great examples of flexible volunteering, inclusive teamwork and developing and supporting new adults!

From Module 22, we found that not every manager or supporter is involved in the ongoing development planning process. Some places showed excellent examples of involving a wide range of managers and supporters in developing the Group/District development plan, but unfortunately this didn't seem to be the case everywhere. We know from those people who have been involved that they find it extremely rewarding and valuable, and that the Group/District is stronger because they have involved a wide range of people.

From July 2016...

A random sample of 15 completed PLPs were reviewed.
The following comments were noted:
Module 7 – PLP entry was blank although evidence was provided
Module 9 – Use of demonstration to validate – evidence of further discussion required on skills needed.
Module 12 – Observation used to validate – need for open questions and evidence of understanding requirement.
Module 17 – Programme to be provided in evidence – Risk Assessment to be provided and to demonstrate the need to involve Young People in its compilation, use and reason – clear written evidence provided in one case and discussed in detail.
This sample clearly indicates the need for TA workshops to share good practise and common concerns where evidence is difficult to confirm or find either from the leader or by the TA.
The TA must ensure that a timescale with agreed dates are entered onto the PLP for each module still yet to be completed by the leader.
When sending in a WB recommendation to their respective LTM they must send a completed PLP and the required evidence, the LTM can then check the completed paperwork and forward for recommendation to the CTM.

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