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1st Reading YMCA Beavers Fund Raise for Ruben

1st Reading  YMCA Beavers Fund Raise for Ruben1st Reading YMCA Beavers Fund Raise for Ruben
Image contributed by:
Caroline Ware

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1st Reading YMCA Beavers have raised over 100 for the Hi5 For Ruben Appeal. Ruben is a 3 year old boy with a rare form of cancer, treatment is only available in the USA. Ruben loves giving HI5\'s so on the 5th day of the 5th month Beavers collected coins & stuck them on Hi5 hand prints, they also stuck some badges on a Hi5 hand for Ruben to keep. The picture shows the beavers making a giant Hi5 hand on the grass using themselves & a long length of rope.

Contributed by: Caroline Ware

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