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Latest information added: 20 March 2018


01  Uganda 2019 (introduction)
02  Core leadership team
03  Items from (March) Information Evenings
04  Applications and stage payments
05  Key dates
06  Other information (including travel)
07  Qs&As (answers to some common questions)
08  Contact us


01  Uganda 2019 (introduction)

Plans are now progressing well to return to Uganda in 2019 to continue with the successful Project Africa international community development programme. The expedition will take
place at the end of July 2019 (dates to be confirmed) and is likely to be 3 weeks duration.
Young people and leaders from across the County will continue to make a real difference
to local and rural communities in Uganda as well as developing their own personal and
Scouting skills.

Young people supporting young people (helping others)!

from Uganda 2015 - left: laying the final brick to the foundations of the 3-classroom block;
right: moving concrete by hand to complete the floor to the building

02  Core leadership team

Expedition Leader:
Tony Phillips, Group Scout Leader, Reading Central

Deputy Expedition Leader:
Bill Roach (Bill was a leader at Uganda 2015)

03  Items from (March) Information Evenings
Click this link for a pdf of the powerpoint presentation used at the March Information Evenings.

Click here to see a short video produced by Dominic Scott, a participant at Uganda 2015.
The video shows Uganda 2015 through the eyes of a young person taking part in the project.
Links to further information (blogs) from Dominic can be found at the end of the video.

Similar to Uganda 2015, the projects for Uganda 2019 are likely to be partnered with
Soft Power Education, a British charity working with young people in central Uganda. 


04  Applications and stage payments

Click here to download the Uganda 2019 application form. Please note that applications will
only be accepted from those that have already registered their interest. 

Applications and first deposit must be submitted by end of April 2018.

The initial budget, based on information currently available, indicates the cost of Uganda 2019 is
likely to be £2,995 (tbc). Subject to costs beyond our control, eg: air fares, it is hoped to keep the
cost at or below this figure.

The cost includes: training programme and briefings; insurance; travel to and within Uganda; food;
tents; project costs (some central additional fundraising may be required); etc.

The cost does not include required vaccinations (consult your local surgery or travel centre for
advice and costs) and personal equipment.

Stage payments:
Deposit with application £300 - before end of April 2018
2nd stage payment £600 - end of July 2018
3rd stage payment £600 - end of October 2018
4th stage payment £600 - end of January 2019
5th stage payment £600 - end of April 2019
Balance £295 (tbc) - 15 June 2019

See application form for details of how to make payments. 

05  Key dates

Day briefing (including YouShape day):
Saturday 5 May (tbc)

Weekend training camps:
14-16 September 2018
29 March to 1 April 2019
5-7 July 2019

Other days/evenings will be added as required (including smaller/local group events, etc)


from Uganda 2015 (Iwololo primary school) - painting and refurbishing

06  Other information (including travel)

With high interest in Uganda 2019, it's likely that travel to Uganda will be made in 2 or 3 groups
split over a few days. Please note there are no direct flights from the UK to Uganda. Our likely
travel agent is Travel Places (the travel company that provide travel arrangements for The Scout
Association to World Scout Jamborees, etc - including those travelling to the USA in 2019).

Participants will be encouraged to use the training programme and the expedition to Uganda
to works towards and complete Scouting awards and badges.

07  Qs&As (answers to some common questions)

Can we take mobile phones?
We do not encourage participants taking mobile phones because of the risk of loss or damage.
Charging mobile devices is also a challenge. There will be solar panels for charging 'event phones'
to maintain critical communications. The second priority for charging from the solar panels is for
cameras (including participant cameras) to make sure we have a good photographic record of the
project. The mobile phone network in Uganda has improved dramatically over the years and there
will be no problem with communications between leaders, projects, and with the UK.

What about wifi?
Again, there is now generally good coverage to enable Facebook posts back to the UK, etc.
However, the coverage can be patchy in rural areas and sometimes
 the leaders need to visit local
towns in order to make posts . . . so don't expect posts every day!

Is Marburg a risk and what about medical provision generally?
There was a small outbreak of Marburg in 2017 and this was brought quickly under control by the
Uganda authorities. Click this link to see how the World Health Organisation congratulated Uganda
on its 'exemplary' and swift management of the outbreak. Through previous expeditions to Uganda
we now have contacts with British and Australian doctors providing care in Uganda. Click this link
to see the hospital recently built by the Turkish government in Jinja! We also have two paramedics
and a first aid trainer within the leader team!

What insurance cover will there be?
It is Berkshire Scouts policy that we use Unity Insurance Services (official insurance broker to The Scout
Association). Unity have many years experience of supporting Scout events, of all kinds, across the world.

Click here to see the overseas travel policy. The Unity policy is inclusive in the Uganda 'package'. Of course,
there is no objection to supplementing the policy 
with additional cover (at your cost) if required.
What is the food like?
The food, in the main, is bland, and posho and beans is a staple diet! However, the local cooks that we
employ work with the leader team to make sure there is some variety! Burgers and chips are off the menu
- but there may be the opportunity to grab a burger and chips when in town shopping!

08  Contact us
If you have any questions about Uganda 2019, please email us at:

from Uganda 2015 - left: on safari at Murchison Falls; right: travel in Uganda!

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